The cats and the carpet!

The night before the new carpet we had to move a lot of things out and stack a lot of furniture. I thought this would freak the cats out but it did the opposite! They ran and climbed and LOVED every second of it! Lola was just resting from her crazy time!
The couches were turned on their sides and stacked on top of each other. Of course they wanted to be as high up as they could! Callie was the queen but when she would move Lola would take over!
The queen of the house!
you can't see Lola on the side but she would try to pounce on Callie and Callie would just hiss with out lifting her head and she would bat at her with her paw. The absolute epitome of a lazy cat!
Then Lola got her spot! She thought she was so big and tuff!

What a cute kitten and what a fun day they had! I wish I had a space like this all the time! They are spoiled members of our family for sure! ;)

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