Max's birthday morning!

The morning of Max's birthday he woke to balloons on the floor of his bedroom. I heard from my room Dash whisper, LOUDLY, "Max there is money in your balloons!" Then I heard a lot of scuffling and a few "awesome!"'s :) It was enough to make a very tired mommy smile. (There were 9 balloons with a dollar in each one. Thanks pinterest for another great idea!) Max got to open one gift before school and the rest he would open that night at his "man party" that he was having. He picked the BIGGEST gift! (a sweet video gaming chair that I found on the Christmas clearances for about 15$) It plugs into your gaming systems or t.v. or ipod and there are speakers on the sides of the chair. VERY COOL!!! and very unexpected! He loved it!

The Kids all loved trying it and when they all went off to school Juliet LOVED having it to herself to listen to mommies Ipod! Max is a sweet boy who is grateful for any gift and that makes giving him things REALLY fun! You can never go wrong though with anything video game!

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