Charne's FABULOUS 35th birthday bash!

My friend Charne used our back yard for her FABULOUS birthday party! I love lending our yard out for parties and I LOVE Charne so it was a win win! She is a fabulous lady and I am so happy that we got to celebrate with her! She had a bounce house for the kids and that was a ton of fun! The food was AMAZING! So were her decorations. She used to plan parties so she is REALLY good at personalizing things and making them really special and fun!
All the tables had different games on them. SO cool and such a fun way to get things started and people talking.

Here is the fabulous birthday girl! SO adorable!

Making a birthday wish!
It was pretty cold outside and at one point I went in to look for Juliet. I found her in my bed watching a show with her buddies!
We put a carpet on the side of the yard with all the legos for the kids to build and play too.
Max LOVES baby Jeremy and Jer LOVES Max.

Max and his buddy Justin!
Jake and Justin and Max with their creations!
We played Bingo for prizes too. SO much fun!
Bishop waiting to win something!
Jamie and I always have a good time together! I love this picture of Brandon sneaking in the back!

Brandon teasing Marilyn!
Me and the birthday girl!
We love Charne and her family and feel so blessed to have them in our lives! Happy birthday cute cute lady! WE are lucky to call you friend!

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