La la la la Lola!

I wanted another baby so for Christmas Brandon got me a kitten! ;) I love her to pieces! She is a rescue and she litter trained right away and she doesn't dig at the furniture. She DOES chase things and run around the house and attack your feet. (she also attacks Brandon's face if he is completely covered with only his face poking out! It freaks her out. Very funny, unless you're Brandon!) Lola LOVES to sit at the desk with you and chase the "mouse" on the computer! It is really cute/annoying!
She is such a sweet addition to our family! Dash ADORES her and carries her around everywhere. She is really good with Juliet too. She has figured out that it is better to run away than be taken hostage by the 3 year old but she has never scratched her. (knock on wood) The only family member that isn't a fan of Lola's is Callie. She does NOT appreciate her love of life and happy personality. She does NOT want to cuddle with her or have her tail attacked by her. She HATES it when Lola is sleeping her spot on the couch. She has however stopped hissing at the mere sight of her. She will let walk by her now 4 out of 5 times with out hissing. Watch out on that 5th time though because there is a LOT of pent up frustration in there! I did see them sleeping on the same bed the other day. Opposite ends of the bed but the same bed none the less! Progress. I am sure they will be life long buddies soon!
She has cured my baby cravings a little. I think a puppy would do it even better but I will take my stinky breath Lola any day of the week!

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