Max's Birthday Party #2

For Max's birthday party he just wanted a couple buddies to come over for Steak and video games. (and a sleep over) He called it his "man Party"! Here he is opening a video game he got as a gift. The new Zelda..... his face says it all!
One of Max's favorite candies are those extreme sour candies. We love having everyone put them in their mouths and just click the camera and watch them suffer/enjoy!

Juliet just spit hers out. Very smart girl!
Tristan is climbing the wall or falling down it! Either way it's pretty funny! I love Dash in this picture too.
Johnny was pretty funny through the process too.....

After dinner and candy they went out to play some football..... man party in full force!
Then we pulled the mattresses off the bed moved the man party into the livingroom!
Where they all slept.....like babies/men! (Max is friends with older "men"! Tyler and Aaron both slept over. Tristan and the McNulty brothers had a "late over" and left around ten) It was great fun and all the boys seemed to have fun. Most important though, Max had fun and felt like a man!

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