Summer Fun Wall

This is our Summer Fun Wall!  It is stolen from a few places!  Mostly from my friend Alison.  She does the sticky notes on the wall thing.  I don't have the mental space or time to do a board and graphs and charts and list of what we are going to do all summer.  We have a shortened summer due to LAUSD and their schedule change.  We didn't want to forget some of the fun things we have been planning to do though.  SO we remembered Alison's family doing something like this.  I love this because when we do our activity no matter how big or small it is, we can just tear down the sticky note and in the trash it goes!  The kids loved yelling out the ideas too!  There is everything from camping to playing freeze tag to cub scout camp, and having a no electricity day.  (Alison had a no electronics summer once!  We are not quite there yet!:)  We have make a bird feeder, make jam, pick berries, go to a park and give a way  Popsicles, take someone dinner, have a dance party, do a flash mob, have a wii tournament, go to yogurt land, pick berries, plant our garden, go fishing, tye dye shirts, make a home made lava lamp and SO much more!  This has been a ton of fun and has been working for us!  It's a keeper!   
(Thanks Al!) 

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Alison said...

You thought of WAY more stuff than we did!