Have a ""KRAZY KOOL" Summer!

On the last few days of school, when all the parties and fun were happening, my kids and I made these and they took them to school to give to their friends.  I don't usually do this sort of thing but Pinterest and my friend Taryn and a good deal on Kool-Aid and that was all she wrote!  My kids were excited to give their friends something.   I'm big on not giving junk.  I hate when my kids get something that I know I'm going to throw away before they get out of the van.  Or if it makes it into the house I will have it in the trash in about 15 minutes.  I try really hard to make sure if we do a treat that it won't end up in the trash.  I hate to see my dollars in the trash.  :)     Who doesn't love Kool-Aid and a Krazy Straw?  I LOVE me some Pinterest that is FOR sure!!!!   I hope Y'all are having a KRAZY KOOL summer so far!!!!

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Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

What a cool idea! I can't wait to have kids :)