sometimes people say the nicest things.....

My friend Kaela Wheeler moved and when she did she took pictures with some of us and then she blogged about us when she left.  I stumbled upon it a little later and found what she had written about me.  It was so nice and unexpected.  Sometimes people say the darndest things!  Thanks Kaela!  I had no idea you thought that of me!  I will treasure these words for a very long time and will re-read them when I feel like a bad mom.  :)  Thank you so much!   

"Oh Suzy Jeffords - I wish more people were like Suzy! I'm never the worst over-sharer in the room if Suzy's there and I love it. She is funny and never boring AND a spiritual giant. That's a tough combination to find. I think the best thing I can say about her is that she has four kids and they are all fun, sweet, genuinely good, spiritually minded and hard working. She didn't just luck into four kids like that, she taught them how to be awesome and I think that speaks volumes about who Suzy is."

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