Parties over! :(

Cousin Camp is over and we are very sad at the Jefford's home.  For some reason it has hit us extra hard that these 2 had to go home this time!  I sure love them and sometimes secretly wish they were mine.  shhhhhh don't tell!   ;)  As much work as it was,  it was an amazing summer and they will be sorely missed.  It feels empty with out them here.   I sure love that line from "A League of Their Own" when Tom Hanks says to Gina Davis "Of course it's hard.  It's supposed to be hard.  If it were easy everybody would do it.  Hard is what makes it great."    I apply it to a lot of things I love.  That is how I feel about this situation too!  With out the hard the great wouldn't be as great!  These kids are sure great!

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