We lost our Lola Lemon to the Coyotes a couple of days ago.  She was a sweet snuggle bear of a cat and I am devastated that she is not with us any more.  She was a free spirit and she LOVED to be outside!  She never wanted to come inside and we would have to chase her down or trick her to come in at night.  This night we couldn't get her to come in.  We are all really sad and the only comfort we have is that maybe she is making our loved ones who have passed on as happy as she made us!  I'm sure she is snuggling Papa Keith or Pouncing on his toes!  
We decided to name a Snow Cone after her so that we could honor her all summer.  The snow cone that is Tigers blood (because of her tiger spirit) and Vanilla mixed is the Lola Cone.  

This little guy I think will miss her the most.  They had a sweet little bond.  But then he has a sweet little bond with all animals!
I think Callie will even miss her a bit. 

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