Daddy daughter dance

So for Activity Days we paired up with another ward for a "Daddy Daughter" Dance night and I couldn't have been happier with the results.  It was a lovely evening for the girls and the dads and the dancing was well..... I wish I had taken more pictures!   It was great to see the girls with their dads and I know Darby had a great time with Brandon!  It was the same day as her culmination so  she was all ready all dressed up!  They did some fun dances and had a dance off.  They had a freeze dance where when you froze if you laughed then you were tapped out.  That would have been great for Brandon because he is a great face maker with no boundaries but when he made the other dad laugh it made him laugh too so he was out!  It was A LOT of fun!!!  They also did a time warp dance where they taught the girls how to do some of the dances from their era!  Very fun!  

I think it's the running man.....I'm really not sure.
Brother John Canon.  Seriously.  I have more respect for him now in an odd way.  I'm not sure about his daughter.  (she is the one walking away from him in the picture above)  I love that all the dads just cut loose!
Like father like daughter or vise versa!

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