Youth Pizza Party!

I love to open my home up to the church. I love having everyone over and feeling the spirit with them all. When we got into this house I said right away that we would use it to serve the Lord and those in the gospel! Do I have to tidy up a bit more? Yes. Do my carpets get a little dirtier? Yes. Is it worth it? EVERY TIME!

We have had countless opportunities to share our home with the youth and I think that is my favorite! This time they had a pizza cook off! It was a ton of fun to see what they would come up with. I got to be the taste test judge! My favorite was Austin and Tylers. They made a stuffed crust with string cheese and they added extra seasonings to the sauce. Very yummy! They were all so creative!

I think they all had a good time!~ I wish we were having their Christmas party here but alas, we have to share them with others! :)

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