Parents come for a visit!

My parents came to spend Thanksgiving with us. I loved EVERY second of it! They were here for a whole week. My dad has NEVER taken that amount of time off. He works. A lot. It's what he does. BUT now he is on salary. SO no overtime for him no matter how much he works making it a great time to take your first real vacation. Ever.

While they were here we did a TON of things. We went to a movie. (their first in over 14 years. My dad couldn't smoke in movies so they never went. He doesn't smoke now so we ventured out.) It was a great date with them! Just me and them. So much fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of them. Seriously soooo cute!
Juliet is doing Nana's hair. Nana is so patient to let her go to town! The next day Nana got her hair done by Jen. (the best) Take note of the before and after pictures. Her hair is cute but once Jen got a hold of her it was a whole new ball game! ADORABLE! (photos to come)

Kim's mom, Pat came to visit Kim's brother and while she was here we got to take her downtown with us. We had the best day! I just adore her! Kim and I have wanted to get our moms together forever because we knew they would just love each other. They had a great day together and I think if they lived near each other they would be best friends! :)
Pat hates getting her picture taken but I forced her and promised I wouldn't put it on fb but I had to put it on my blog for my books! She is a good sport!
me and my mommy!

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