He looked soooo nice when I sent him to school???!?!?!

Today was the holiday program for the Kindergarten, first and second grades. They were supposed to come to school in nice clothes.
I can do that!
This week of course was extra crazy so far, so the shirt I wanted Dash to wear was too wrinkly! We decided to go with a clean unwrinkled shirt. It does happen to be the shirt though that only has a Sunday or 2 left in it because the sleeves are almost too short (please say almost in a squeeky voice). When you tuck in the shirt and add a tie though it really looks GREAT! SO then we have the hair that is overdue for a haircut. No time for that so we add some hair gel and slick back the sides. ADORABLE so far. We have a fight about socks and shoes because no one wants to wear church shoes to school and he just won some holiday socks at the youth Christmas party he got to go to with daddy last night. OK he wins! No one will look at his feet when he looks this cute, right?
I got to the school at 1:00 so excited to see my sweet boy sing and dance to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and La La La La La Lachtas! (Hanuka with a Latin flair!) They parade in the 1st graders and I cant see my adorable tie sportin' boy. The only boy I see is a fluffy long haired no tie wearing, untucked, KETCHUP stained shirt, socks fallen under his heel so looks like he has on NO socks with his tennis shoes boy. He looked like the poor kid in class with no mom to cut his hair, tuck in his shirt (that fits), and make him wear socks.

How can you not love this little face though! You should see him salsa to his Hanuka song! I loved every Ketchup stained second of it!

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