Turkey Time! Gobble Gobble!

Sooooooo much food! SOOOOOOO yummy! We did it all buffet style! Enjoying our dinner!

The "kids table"
Ireland and her friend Maddy!
Uncle Jamie and Sue
Aunt Marilyn and Sue
Papa and Nana
I loved this picture of my parents so I had to put the both of them in! SO cute! I think they should make this a Christmas card!
B and Sue. I am looking a little rough! (Like I just made a huge Thanksgiving dinner:) But I love love love my new sweater my friend Jen gave me!
This is my brood! So pretty.
I will claim these ones instead!
Cousins! I love that my kids get to grow up around some of their cousins. Juliet and Journey and Jeremy all love each other and love to play together. Jeremy LOVES Max! The feeling is mutual!
Juliet thought it was still time to be goofy!
Juliet is wearing the turkey shirt that my mom made Darby. So far all my kids have worn it! I think I can get 2 more Thanksgivings out of it then it will be retired!
Best buddies!
SO sweet!
The boys LOVE their cousins.
Jeremy and Journey LOVED Papa! They loved that he only had 1/2 a finger! Even Ireland was amazed! :) Jeremy followed him around all evening and at one point wanted my dad to hold him and walk around. No one can ever take Papa Keith's place for these kiddos but my dad felt honored to have them call him papa for this day! So sweet.
After dinner and bingo was over the girls sat down to read and snuggle with Aunt Marilyn. THIS is what Thanksgiving should feel like!
Then Juliet decided to read to Journey!
Best buddies again! (don't let those doll faces fool you though....they can fight like they are sisters!:)

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