Turkey bums!

These are one of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions. They are called turkey bums! The first year we did them daddy wasn't home to cut out a perfect turkey so mommy did it. They ended up looking like turkey bums. This year the kids asked me to make them because they loved the "bum" effect! No! Daddy did them again. Free hand. I sort of hate him.....until it is time to do a science project or a Halloween costume....then I love him again! :)

You write what you are thankful for on the feathers. Everyone gets 6 feathers....I get 7 :) too much to be thankful for! When you come to our house you get a feather to add to the wall of what you are thankful for. I love this tradition. A wall of thanks and gratitude. It should be up all year! It is a great kick off for the holiday season! Love love love it!

Max's turkey bum.......my kids all think of what they are thankful for on their own. We don't even suggest to them. I like to see what they come up with on their own and what they are REALLY grateful for. I was so happy when each of my children had aspects of the gospel that they were thankful for. (except Juliet....who is honestly a little shallow for a 2 year old) :)

the wall of turkeys......I didn't get an end of month picture but this wall is covered in feathers by the end of the month.!
Brandon's turkey bum.
Dash.....this year he wrote his very own. I was so proud of him. My favorite feather of his is Heabenly Father. :)

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