Walking the dog!

One of our MOST favorite things to do at Nana's was to walk the dog. Seriously? I don't know what it is! They would ALL fight over who got to do it. Tears would be shed and sometimes privileges taken away from the arguments that would happen over the dumb dog....that we all love so much. BUT look at how happy he makes them all! This particular time they ALL got to go walk the dog/ride in the wagon! Safety first....Dash! Darby is a good sport. I think she was taking on the chore of getting them out of my hair and settling the fight over who's turn it was to walk the dog. Every one's turn.
Juliet opted out of riding in the wagon to get to hold the all coveted leash! Look at her dirty little "I got leash neener neener neener face!"
Here is the reason for all the fighting! Bingo is his name-o! How would you feel if I told you he doesn't even like kids!? He sure did like all the walks though!

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