Classic skating!

Classic Skating? This isn't the Classic that I grew up with! This is a whole new ball game! They have a whole lot more. While we were in Utah I got a killer groupon deal that gave us 4 entries into the water park part of classic, 50 tokens for video games, and a large soda for 20 bucks! YES PLEASE!!!!! We bought 2 of them! That got all of us in and we had plenty of food! We set up camp and made a day of it!
Even Uncle Ryeley had a good time! Hard to believe!
This is the dance off they had! None of our kids won but they danced their booty's off!

Juliet and Dash soaking in some rays!
so cute.
she stole Uncle Rye's hat while she was eating a slim jim. Only she could get away with that!

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