The Hogle Zoo!

While in Utah we got to go the Hogle Zoo! It was a special night because it was Kennecott night. All Kennecott employees and their families were free and everything in the zoo was free! (Except the gift shop stuff of course.) It was soooooo much fun! "mom can I ride the train? YES! Can I ride the carousel? YES! Can I ride it 50 more times? YES YES YES! Can I have cotton candy? YES! Can I have popcorn, Slurpee's, soda, pretzels, nachos, and any other carnival food you can think of? YES! BECAUSE IT'S FREE!!!!!!!" Now that is just a fun day at the zoo! They just opened a new dinosaur exhibit. Pretty cool!
Free Kennecott hats too while we eat our free Dippin' Dots.

Enjoying our FREE face painting......

for even the moms!

The only bad thing about EVERYTHING being free and saying yes to everything is that when you leave the zoo and all the kids ask to go in the gift shop just to "look" and they ask to buy something and all of a sudden you have so say the word NO! Wow. No one wins then! Thank you Papa and Ryeley for working at Kennecott and taking us to the free day at the zoo! Thank you Juliet for acting like the dinosaur below when I said NO to you one time at the zoo!

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