Bennett's Birthday Party!

Bennett had a super fun Ninja party while we were in Utah! There was a cool kicking/punching contest where you got to show off your sweet ninja moves! What 5-8/39 year old doesn't like to show off his sweet ninja moves? My favorite part was that all the best friends just happened to be in Utah that weekend! The Thomas', The Jeffords and The Sanfords! Just like it was supposed to be!
Go birthday boy!

There may have been a surprise visit from Darth Vader! Because what Ninja party doesn't have Darth Vader? (Bennett really likes "Star Hores" so I made Vader come thinking that would be AMAZING!)
There was music and light sabers and it started out VERY cool and excited.......(just look at their faces....amazed and excited and not at all nervous...or scared....or worried.........).........
......and may have ended in a lot of tears and running away! It seemed really real! So the moral of the story is that Ninjas and Darth do NOT mix! BUT if anyone wants a REALLY good REALLY REAL Darth Vader to come to their "Star Hores" party, I totally know someone!

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