Ward Christmas Party!

At our Ward Christmas Party, Santa made an appearance to let the kids tell him what they wanted for Christmas! It was great that they all got they all got their turn! Juliet just wasn't quiet sure. This is Justin. One of Max's best buddies.
Dash knew exactly what he was going to ask for. A bike with training wheels, and some skylanders.
Max knew too. A Nintendo DS3D Zelda style with the Zelda game and he promised to take better care of it than any other DS he had ever gotten.
Johhny. One of Dash's best buddies.
Tristen Cannon. Another one of Max's best buddies.
Olivia Cannon. One of Darby's best friends
Jake. He is one of Darby's friends and Jake and Johnny's brother too.
Darby and Emmy and Allyssa!
Such little ladies.

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