Christmas Eve.....

On Christmas Eve we open up the gifts that we got each other. We draw names in our little family the day after Thanksgiving and talk about the person we have drawn for ALL month long! We oooooo and ahhhhhhhh over the perfect item we have chosen for our person every year. I think this is my most favorite tradition of all of them. Each one of my kids are the most excited to GIVE their gift to whomever they have drawn even more than they are to receive their special gift. (don't get me wrong.....getting that special prize is nothing to snuff your nose at either!) We decided to start doing this when we were each buying something small and cheap for each other and finding it all in the trash a week later. Now we only buy one nicer gift (twenty$ or less) for the one person you drew for. I love it. They love it. It's a big love fest of gift giving! :)

This year Dash had Juliet. Look how happy he is to give it to her. She had the biggest gift under the tree this year and she couldn't wait to open it!
A Tangled doll (her favorite Disney Princess because she thinks she is Tangled) with a matching dress......take note of Dash's face still! (try not to tear up!)
NOW try not to full on cry!
Darby had Dash!
Brandon had Darby.......He had a little help from Miss Anna. She custom made a "Finn" hat from the Cartoon Adventure Time to go with the shirt he got her. You can tell she didn't really like it. ;)
Finn and Jake Adventure Time T Shirt from her Daddy!
A little more love from Tangled and Tangled.
Max had Brandon. He REALLY wanted to get him an Iron Man bobble head but I talked him into t shirts so he dug in his toy box and found him an E wok figurine for his desk. No man should have to open only clothes on Christmas.
Darth Vader T shirt (says Vader is coming.....look busy)
Pitfall T shirt. Max was super excited to give his dad his gift. He LOVES to see his dad wear his shirts he gives him through out the year.
I had Max. MORE SKYLANDERS!!!! Darby and I planned it. It seemed kind of boring to us but they both REALLY REALLY wanted it.
Juliet had me. She kept telling me all month that she got me boots. I knew she hadn't because Brandon would NEVER buy me boots. BUT little did I know that they bought me slipper booties! I loved them! Super warm and comfortable! She was really proud of her gift! She couldn't wait for it to be her turn to give me her boots! I sure love that little Tangled girl!
As the fun evening was coming to an end and we were cleaning up the wrapping paper and getting the cookies out for Santa I got this quick shot of Juliet watching her brothers playing with their new Skylanders. I love that she is in her pajamas from Nana (couldn't get them off her) and her Tangled dress with her Tangled doll watching her brothers with their spoils! What a night!!!!

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