Christmas Morning is finally here!

The kids came in and woke us up bright and early (5 am) which was kind of good because we had church at 9. Christmas only falls on a Sunday every 6 or 7 years so we go to church and remember that is the real reason for the season! BUT before church we opened the gifts Santa brought us! Juliet is realizing that she got the doll house she had asked for! (instead of the lump of coal she probably deserved!) Dash just spotted his bike!
opening her first gift!
She was in awe.....
7 princess barbies to play in her new doll house!

Dash was opening some Skylanders and a new Remote Control car!

They were very excited for yet even more Skylanders!

Darby had gotten some girly lotions and sprays.....
and she is realizing here that she got a kindle fire......
VERY HAPPY little girl!
He got the DS3D he wanted (Zelda style)!
Tangled figurines!
AND Tinkerbell too?
Singing songs from Tangled while she played with her new doll house! SO cute!
This was Brandon for most of the day. Helping the kids with their new Electronics. He didn't get to play with his new "toys" til New Years! Such a good and patient daddy!
Dash put together a Lego set that Grandma Ellen had sent him all by himself (mommy helped with 2 pieces and dug one piece out of the trash for him).
SO many Princesses so little time!
We had such a very blessed Christmas. Brandon planned and saved and planned some more. (I planned too) Every year I don't think it can get any better and every year it does. WE are so very lucky. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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