Good Bye Our Elder Grow!

Good Bye Our Elder Grow! (Sung to the tune of good bye yellow brick road by Sir Elton John!) This is Elder Grow! One of our Favorite Missionaries. He was in our area WAAAAYYYYYY toooooo loooooongggggg! Why do I say that? Because when they leave an Elder in an area this long it is to hard to say good bye. We had a few members over for dinner and sang some carols (and other songs) to say good bye to Elder Grow. If these are their "cool" faces then we are in trouble.
We really did have a lot of fun with Elder Grow in our home. He first came for Max's baptism almost a year ago. (most missionaries are only in an area a few months) He has had more than a few dinners in our home, broken in a bunch of companions, shared many a spiritual message with us, given a couple blessings, and shared his love of the Gospel and the Savior openly. How can you not love this great guy! He will be sorely missed. (No one can get a room goin' with a rousing round of "I've got Friends in Low Places" like Elder Grow and Sister J!)

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