I LOVE this concept! I have seen it on a couple blogs and I was always to late! BUT I wasn't to late on my friend Alison's blog and I am sooooo excited to participate!

Here is how it works: The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive, at some point during this year, a gift from me.

You don't get to know what it is or when it will arrive or if it is home made or store bought! You just get to sit and wait and be surprised! I LOVE IT! BUT Before you post a comment, you have to participate too by posting a message like this on your blog so you can pay it forward and spread the love! Only the first 3 to comment will receive a gift from me, so HURRY and be QUICK!!!! SOOOO much fun!


cheri said...

Ok I just posted on our blog to share the love. This sounds like a lot of fun!!

Kimberly said...

I'm up for the challenge!!! You know me I love a good game/anything F-U-N!! I posted on my blog & now I'm commenting on yours so let's have some fun "paying it forward". What a great idea...your so clever, I love ya :p

Sharlynn said...

YEAH!!! I am lucky number 3. Who wouldn't want something from Suzy J! I have seen this before but haven't wanted to participate until now. So I guess my challenge is on. I am only doing it because I love my Suzy and would love to pay it forward.

Sharlynn said...

Just so you know. I have had your blog up all day just so I could listen to your my tunes. I love your song choices, plus it is ALMOST like hanging out with you. Okay so I am a dork and a cheesy one at that, but there you have it.