Darby's Baptism!

Darby was Baptized the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She was so beautiful and ready to take that big step. We are so very proud of her decision and example. She is truly amazing!

She had a little table set up with her school picture, a picture of Papa Keith holding her in her blessing dress, a book mark for her new scriptures, her baptism book for people to sign and 3 pictures that she had drawn when she was 6. They were of Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost drawing is my favorite because it is a big blob like thing with hearts all around it!

Bishop Kokenes was there to conduct and welcome her into the ward as the newest member! Darby's primary teacher, Sister Murphy, spoke about Baptism and what that meant for Darby. She gave us a copy of her talk for her Baptism book.

Darby's brothers were so proud of her. She is such a great example to them! Brandon baptized and confirmed her a member of the church! They also sang a duet, "Teach me to walk in the Light". Brandon sang the first verse, Darby sang the second verse, and they sang the third verse together. Brandon played the guitar for their accompaniment. It was the same song Brandon and his Dad, Papa Keith, sang at Brandon's Baptism.

Nana spoke about the Holy Ghost. We were so lucky to have her their. Nana and Papa gave Darby her new scriptures and Papa Gail picked out her scripture case to go with them! After the baptism Nana took us to a new family favorite restaurant "China King". We had so much fun on this special day.


cheri said...

The last time I heard Brabdon sing was at his farewell. He and Steve Badgett sang "Oh Lord, My Redeemer" and Brandon had to hold it together while Steve broke down. I bet he and Darby sounded beautiful at her baptism. :)

Sharlynn said...

We love you Darby. Way to go!

Kimberly said...

We're soooo proud of you! What an AMAZING example you are...great job doodle bug!
xoxoxo~ Aunt Kim & Uncle Mark
Marin, Morgan, Megan & Macy-Kate