broken glass....

The other day when Dash was unloading the dishwasher he broke a baking dish.  I saw it EXPLODE all over my floor.   Before I cleaned it up I stared for quite a while thinking this is how my faith feels sometimes.  All scattered and chunky and broken.  It seems like such a HUGE mess to clean up and no matter how much I sweep there is still a chance of a little shard of glass that is going to get you when you are skating through the kitchen of life.  The kind you can't see but you can feel it every time you step down or rub your hand across it.  Just enough to BUG you or even get a little infected if you don't get it out.   It's one of those things that really isn't that big of a deal but it sure makes a big mess and makes you grumpy and feels like it takes forever to clean up.  
It's hard to think about it, but I was super grateful it wasn't this baby.  It's my favorite most expensive baking dish.  It doesn't look that fancy but it does everything.  It makes me happy and makes my life a whole lot easier.  Just like my faith.

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