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So much is going on! I swear I have a TON to blog about and loads of pictures but I like a duck and I am calm on the top and kickin like heck under the water to stay a float. (aren't we all though?)

We are staying in Cali for sure (unless someone gives us an offer we can't refuse!) Brandon is going to work for Nickelodion on the cartoon series Kung Fu Panda and he is really excited about that. He is also working with Warner Brothers for the next couple of months too. HE is VERY busy. I just got news that the house we were hoping to rent will be ours in a couple months. That is a HUGE blessing because we will stay in the ward, B's commute will stay the same, I am still close to the gyms that I teach at, AND best of all....the kids will be in the school I was hoping for. It really is amazing and I am sooooo grateful for the kind people that are letting us move into it with out braking our bank! FOr the summer we get to stay at an apartment that our other friends are letting us move into. Another huge blessing. My friends and family have stepped in to help me with my kids so I can get things taken care of in Tx. Things have fallen into place the way we had hoped and that is just another testimony that we have made the right decision.

It was long and hard and stressful. A LOT of fasting (any more and it would be an eating disorder:) A LOT of prayer! Temple attendance and just doing what the Lord has asked us to do. With all of the work we were blessed!

I will miss Texas A TON! I loved the people and the church and the shopping and all of it! I was born and raised in Utah but I will forever be a Texan! I really love Texas.

More to come later! Pictures and fun moments of summer to come!

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Kaela said...

YAY! I'm so happy we get to keep you! Also, you might be one of my new heroes. How you manage to keep up with four little ones and look like you still shower regularly is amazing :) Now having one little guy, I have no idea how you do it!